What Are The Best Tricep Exercises Today?

It is no secret that a lot of men would like to have big, muscular-looking and strong arms. Not only does this signify that a person is indeed stronger than your average Joe but at the same time it is a look that is considered to be universally sexy and attractive.

Just like building muscle on other parts of the body, achieving strong and shapely arms is no easy task. Simple as the arms may look like, it is comprised of a number of muscle groups that you will need to exercise thoroughly in order for you to get the arm size and look that you want.

A mistake that a lot of people make is that they only focus on exercising their biceps. This initial focus on the biceps part of the arms is quite expected; it is the more visible muscle group of the arm especially when an individual flexes this part of the body. However, there is a much bigger muscle group in the arms that a lot of people tend to neglect, and is one of the main reasons why these people cannot achieve the strong and shapely arms that they are after.

The triceps take up almost 2/3 of the arms’ mass. This means that if you get to exercises your biceps thoroughly, you are much closer to the muscular arms that you are so intent on having.

There are a lot of tricep exercises that you can do, and below are some of the simpler yet more popular exercises that you can do today.

One of the basic exercises that a lot of people do is the push up. This is a great compound exercise that not only builds your chest but also your arm muscles. An individual usually does a push up with his or her arms in line with the shoulders. While great for chest muscles as well as the biceps, this form does not do much to hit the triceps. This can be remedied however by putting your hands under your chest when starting the push up position. This slight change in form will work the triceps more than a conventional push up does.

Another exercise that you will want to try doing is the dip. In the gym, there are machines and fixtures which are designed for doing this exercise but at home, you can do this with just a heavy and wide stool or bench. Place your palms on the bench or stool with your fingers facing in the direction that you are facing. Lower your body, extending your feet and putting your weight on your heel. Once you are in position start to lower your body until your arms reach a 90-degree angle and then push your body up again to go back to the starting position. This is a very effective exercise that really targets the triceps and should help it grow in strength and in mass.

There are more varieties of tricep exercises with different degrees of difficulty and complexity. To learn about them, visit http://www.muscleonthedouble.com/ – best tricep exercises for more detailed information.

Certified Personal Training In Different Countries

As a resident of Irvine, you would have no problem in finding a personal trainer at http://myirvinepersonaltrainer.com – personal trainer in Irvine. But taking a look at the international aspect of personal training qualifications may give you an idea of where your personal trainer stands. Most English speaking countries have official accreditation systems for the certification of a personal trainer. The standards for qualification differ between countries, but there is a general idea of what features and skills are required.


Australia has two entities, Fitness Australia and Physical Activity Australia, in which you can register as a personal trainer. Alternatively a personal trainer can be independent and supported by a relevant insurance. If a personal trainer does become registered at one of the three levels offered by accredited colleges, he or she has to go through short, diverse courses from which they gain credits known as CECs (continuing education credits). They need to get 20 of these CEC credits per two years.


Canada has several organizations that certify individuals as personal trainers; they are Canadian Fitness Education Services, Canadian Fitness Professionals, Certified Personal Trainers Network, and Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. They require work experience or workshop participation except the last one mentioned, the CSEP, which requires a degree in a relevant field. There is also the Personal Training Program offering a 500 hour course, located in Ontario, where there is no regulation regarding personal training.

United Kingdom

Most personal training certifications in the UK are from CYQ (Central YMCA Qualifications), Active IQ (Active International Qualifications) and City and Guilds. After the qualification the candidate is eligible to apply for Level 3 REPs(Register of Exercise Professionals). Alternatively, a person with a relevant degree from a university can also apply for REPs. REPs endorses several health and fitness related qualifications although it does not award them directly; a level 5 of this registering system qualifies one as a specialized training professional. However there is no law regarding what entitles a person to call himself or herself a personal trainer.


There is the International Confederation of Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPS) which is a partnership of registering bodies worldwide. This organization embodies the UK REP as well as similar entities in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa; and the European bodies make up what is called EREPs which is also within the ICREPS. These organizations promote the co-operation and affiliation of qualified training professionals. The standards by which they have become certified in their own countries are mapped, and used to make reciprocal agreements between professionals of different countries within the ICREPS.


Brazilian personal trainers are required to have a bachelor’s degree in P.E. (Physical Education) which is a combined content of science and knowledge in the fields of exercise and healthcare, then registered in a council that oversees Physical Education.

Countries of Asia

Most Asian countries have private businesses operating health centers and fitness clubs that certify individuals as personal trainers, rather than having a few official bodies or organizations. There are some organizations set up among the individuals who are employed as personal trainers, but they are mostly private. There are, however, many trainers who have been certified abroad, which may boost their credibility and career.

Learn About The Benefits Of Doing Squats Regularly!

Unless you don’t have internet, don’t read magazines or don’t have friends who do so, it is okay if you don’t know what “Squat Challenge” is. But for those who heard of it, or heard it here for the first time, this kind of exercise is one of the healthiest ones and if you continue reading, you will see how much doing this workout can benefit your body. If we would ask people what is the main reason for doing squats, the answer would be to make our muscles stronger, and that is true. But, a squat is one of the most vital exercises that can help multiple muscles in our body. This workout is one of the main ones in strength trainings.

Besides boosting muscles in butt and legs, it also helps our thighs muscles. Hips are also included in this, but they can also change the way we do this exercise, because their size depends from person to person. Squat is great for people who care about their buttocks. This is one of the best exercises for them and that can be your motivation too in this challenge. Also, every sportsman must do this exercise often because it not only makes our bones stronger, but also our ligaments which are crucial and usually we tear them while playing sport competitively.

The lower back, the upper back, and much more are also included and doing squat is a great way to workout and that is the main reason why squat is so good for boosting your strength. So, after reading to all of this, you should see how good it is to work out this way. This challenge is best known as the healthiest one. “Squat Challenge” as itself, was made because it’s the best one to see great results after it is over. Not only that you will boost your strength, but you will also be much more mobile than before. This is great exercise for people who are used to sitting on a job, or even for students that are used to sitting in a class, and also learning a lot at home. This is great way to see what you are able to do, and to continue workout ever after the challenge is done. http://travelstrong.net/squat-challenge/ – squat challenge is also about living a healthy life, eating properly, doing a warm-up before any exercise you begin, properly breathing and doing them in a right way. These things can be crucial and we need to follow the tips from coach or mentor so that we can avoid injury and also to get better result at the end.

By doing this challenge not only that you will get in a better shape, but also your friends will be surprised when they see how much you changed in a better way. That is why this challenge is popular after all, because of the results that will wanna make you keep exercising even after you finish the challenge.

Basic Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Basketball Skills

New players in basketball especially the kids and teens may still be confused when it comes to playing basketball. So the get inclined to this kind of game training sessions are done to help them know and learn the basics of basketball drills. Well, it doesn’t also mean that kids or teens may learn the drills but you can as well or you can learn it to teach your kids how to play http://www.basketball-drills-and-plays.com/ – basketball drills. So now, here are the basic tips and tricks to improve your basketball skills.

It is essential that you start to learn how to handle the ball and this is called ballhandling. Just by using your fingertips, you need to hold the ball lightly without letting your palms having contact with the ball. It’s not a problem even if you hands are small but as long as you know the technique then you can easily manipulate the ball with your hands.

The next step is to practice dribbling. As you handle the ball, dribble it up and down. Practice the dribbling technique while in a stationary stance. After the stationary dribbles, try to dribble while walking or running. This way, you’ll be able to control the ball while you are in motion. Other websites techniques you can practice are: 2 ball dribbles, tight chair dribbles, sideline dribbling skills and many more.

As a beginner, you also need to practice passing drills. This is crucial technique since you need to pass the ball to your teammates without having your opponent steal the ball. You can practice the chest pass, side pass, and overhead pass or bounce pass. These passing methods must be practiced along with your teammates.

It is also important to practice the offensive and defensive drills. Well, in the defensive stance, you need to learn how to guard your teammate. You should be agile while in the defense mode and you should train using the abilities of your footwork. In the offensive mode, you should also train your feet to be agile and be fast in rebounding, filling the lanes and the break-down drills. It is a must that you prepare yourself from being in the defense mode to the offensive mode to help your team win the game.

The most important this website you need to practice is the shooting technique. There are so many ways on how you can shoot the ball in the ring. You can do a layup shoot, hook shot, dribble shoot or fade-away shoot. You can practice the shooting drill with your teammates and as a beginner; you can start the air-ball shooting drill, shooting from the 3 point lane or from the free throw lane. You can also practice shooting while in the defensive mode and you can even try the slam dunk. But remember, begin from the basic shooting techniques to let you learn how you handle the ball while shooting. It can be in the wrist but you also need to aim well.

Remember, be familiar with the game, you can watch basketball games on TV or you can watch other players work their way to shooting the ball. Learn the tricks but you also need to practice. This way, you’ll be able to play basketball easy.

Why You Should Supplement Your Workout

When it comes to working out, the problem is never that you don’t want to. Everyone wants to work out and get healthy. But one of the biggest obstacles to actually getting up off the couch is just having the energy.  How many times have you gotten home from, work only to kick off your shoes and sit down, saying that you just need a few minutes to relax before you get up? I know it happens to me a lot. But of course, you get wrapped up in a show, you get distracted by the internet, you remember how hot it is outside, and you vow to try again tomorrow. You set your alarm early, but now you’re even more tired than you were last night, it’s way too cold to be out this early, and you hit the snooze button.

What if you could take a supplement, and just like that, be energized to take your workout head on? It sounds too good to be true, but you really can. There are numerous supplements out there that can give you that energy boost, even without caffeine. There are many different brands available, but most will contain a combination of energy boosting ingredients such as Taurine, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, potassium, and others. As a bonus, you can also find ones that contain whey protein and carbohydrates. During your work out, your body turns carbohydrates into energy and protein into muscle. Optimum Nutrition Supplements are great for this, they have a wide variety of products to suit your individual needs.

All you have to do is take your supplement, either in pill form or in a shake, and less than an hour later you’ll be energized enough to take on even the most rigorous workout. Even if getting started isn’t the problem you have, you should still look into a pre-workout energy supplement. You’ll be able to work out harder for longer than you were previously. You’ll notice the difference in your first workout and you’ll wish that you started so much sooner. So many times people with hit a plateau and then fall off their regimen when they get discouraged. An extra boost may be all you need to push past your limits and get that break through you need to get to the look you want, as well as the weight you need to be healthy. Once you start supplementing your workout, you can start getting the results you’ve been wanting all along. Whether it’s to get started on an exercise regimen, to get a little more out of each work out, to push you past a barrier, or even just an occasional boost, you should check out http://www.aussiesupplements.com.au/brand/optimum-nutrition-protein-supplements/ – optimum nutrition that will get you to where you want to be. Why make things harder for yourself when you don’t have to? Nutritional supplements are safe and widely used by professionals all over the world.

Twin Tip Skis 101

Skiing continues to be one of the most popular wintertime activities. For many decades the traditional single-tipped ski provided limited capabilities to those looking for something more in the way of performance. However, the invention of twin-tipped skis changed all that. https://revisionskis.com/ – twin tip skis have pointed tips at both ends and are designed to provide equal control whether the rider is going forwards or backwards. Traditional skis have a pointed tip at the front end and are square (flared) at the back end.

History of Twin Tip Skis

Twin-tip skis are a ski design which began to gain popularity in the late 1990s. Conventional alpine skis have a curved front end and a flat rear end. These skis have curved fronts and rears, which enable the skier to do more tricks, turn more effectively, have stable landings, and ski backward as well. The versatile skis led to a resurgence in popularity for skiing amongst younger sportspeople, and led to changes in ski resort design as well.

Twin-tip skis were developed by Clint Fiala, who constructed these skis in his garage before realizing the commercial potential of the skis. The design was picked up by Salomon, a venerable ski company, as the Teneighty. Today there are a wide range of twin-tips on the market, although Teneighties are linked with high quality.

Features of Twin Tip Skis

In addition to being upturned at the front and the back, twin-tip skis also have a distinctive hourglass design, narrowing slightly in the middle. These skis can come in designs which are very wide for increased stability on a variety of terrain, or they can be narrow for speed. Either way, they are highly adaptive, allowing skiers to turn on a dime, spin in half pipes, and do a variety of other skiing stunts.

Twin-tip skis are often linked with snowboards, because both enable athletes to do an astounding array of tricks. Many snowboarders have taken up twin-tip skis as well because it is actually possible to do more tricks on skis, due to the greater amount of speed which can be achieved. As a result, skiers and snowboarders are often seen sharing space in half pipes and other areas at ski resorts set aside for tricks.

Popularity of Twin Tip Skis

Due to the increased demand caused by twin-tip skis, ski resorts have begun changing the way they groom their facilities. More space is set aside for stunt areas, half pipes are much larger, and youthful skiers are welcome at many resorts. Several stunt skiers who use twin-tip skis are sponsored by resorts, and make excellent advertising for their facilities.

Some traditional skiers are uncomfortable with the rise of twin-tip skis. Skiing with these skis is markedly different than progressing in a stately and elegant fashion down the slopes. It is a rugged, active version of skiing which can potentially be far more dangerous, as well as providing a rewarding adrenalin rush. At resorts where adequate provisions have not been made for twin-tip skiers, this has led to conflict on the slopes.